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Band Information:

(the) Sugar Baby Loves, trademark pending, is the responsibility of the founding members: John Richardson and Mick Clark.

For licensing queries of individual songs or videos, please get in touch using out press and events email.


‘Born To Do It’ & ‘Honey Love’ were both written by John Richardson & Mike Voss recorded and produced independently.

Photography & Graphics:

All Graphics and all photography used on this website and the ‘Honey Love’ music video, is the property of the band. For external use, or to inquire about our press pack please get in touch via our press and events email.

All video footage in the ‘Honey Love’ music video was filmed by Rajesh Hirani. For any inquiries regarding Rajesh’ work, you can contact him via email: rojer108[at]


Fonts used in site based media as well as the ‘Honey Love’ music video are “Oswald” and “Crimson One”, both part of Googleâ„¢ Fonts and free for commercial use under either the SIL Open Font License version 1.1 or Apache License version 2.0.